Empty Nester Building Bridges Across Generations: Creating a Harmonious Home for All Ages Image via Freepik Author Andrea Needham In a world where family dynamics are ever-evolving, crafting a harmonious living environment for grandparents, parents, and children under one roof demands thoughtful consideration. It’s about balancing personal needs with collective goals, ensuring that each family member, regardless of age, feels respected, included, and valued. Team Shope explains how […]
Central Pa Living Ski Roundtop Adventure! ❄️🏔️ Don’t have winter BLUES! Check out some area places to have some fun in the snow like Ski Roundtop. You may have seen a recent post of the Shope family going to Iron Valley Tubing. Here is that post called Embracing Winter Adventures: A Day at Iron Valley Tubing. Here is some more snow fun […]
Events Embracing Winter Adventures: A Day at Iron Valley Tubing If it is winter and cold we might as well enjoy it!  I have fond memories of sledding as a kid on what we call Koser’s hill. That hill is over at Koser Building Materials LLC. The bugger was the snow had to be deep enough and the hike back up was a challenge.  We […]
Central Pa Living Professional Rodeo Cowboys association Circuit Finals Rodeo kick off As we posted earlier this week, the Pa Farm Farm Show 2024 is this week! Check out that post!! With the Pa Farm Show Week in full swing, Shonna and daughter Brooke along with some others took in the exciting rodeo last night on Thursday. The kickoff of  Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association Circuit Finals Rodeo […]
Central Pa Living Pa Farm Farm Show 2024 One of the great things of living in Central Pa is our proximity to Harrisburg, Pa. It is Pa Farm Show Week!  Snow has already fallen so that really makes it official. A couple of the Shope Family headed out this past weekend to take it all in.  Pennsylvania Farm Show stands as a celebration […]
Adventure Sports 2023 Client appreciation event As we reflect back on 2023 one thing that stands out as Team Shope is our client appreciation event that we held April 15, 2023. It marked a day that will be forever etched in our minds of Team Shope’s history – our Friends and Client Appreciation Event at Adventure Sports Hershey. This unforgettable day […]
Empty Nester Experience the Best of 55+ Living in This Spacious Home @ Four Seasons at Elm Tree In the past we had an article about living or moving to a 55+ community.🪹 Josh’s parents currently live in a 55+ plus Four Season at Elm Tree community called  and have decided to move to more of a retirement community. Are you ready to embrace the best of 55+ living? Look no further! This […]
Empty Nester The Empty Nester’s Roadmap to Relocating Near Their Children     Image via Pexels Author: Sharon Wagner The quiet house, the extra space, the sudden lack of bustling activity – these are all signs of an empty nest. As your children embark on their own life adventures, it’s natural to consider closing the distance and moving closer to them. This Team Shope article provides valuable tips and […]
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Tips for homeowners Fresh Beginnings: Your Guide to Relocating and Rebuilding Image via Pexels Author Andrea Needham If you’ve been thrown a curveball by life, the idea of relocating to a new city might seem like a daunting task, yet also strangely liberating. Sometimes, the universe nudges us into new scenarios when it senses our inner need for change and renewal. In this article from Team Shope, […]
Tips for homeowners Home Buying and Selling: Staying on Top of the Paperwork Image via Pexels Author Andrea Needham Buying or selling a home can be a complex process. There are so many moving parts that it can become difficult to keep up with all the paperwork. That’s why it is important to stay organized and know exactly which documents you need to make the process smoother. Here […]
Tips for homeowners Get Ready to Renovate Your Home! Image via Pexels Author Andrea Needham   Are you ready to take the home renovation plunge? There are a lot of factors to consider when renovating a home. It can be an exciting and rewarding experience, but it will require careful planning and budgeting. Here, the real estate professionals at Team Shope explore the basics […]
Tips for homeowners Tips On Upsizing Your Home To Accommodate A Growing Business Image via Pexels Author Andrea Needham Starting a business is a joy and a challenge all at the same time. Each of these becomes greater when you outgrow your current home/workspace. However, now’s a great time to consider upsizing to accommodate your growing business. Today, Team Shope shares some time-tested tips on the process, as […]
Tips for homeowners Reviving Your Home: A Makeover Guide Image via Pexels Author Andrea Needham Our homes are our sanctuaries, and after a while, they can start to feel stale and lackluster. A quick fix is to breathe new life into your home with a makeover. Not everyone has the budget to do a complete overhaul, so here are some tips from Team Shope […]